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If you consume a lot of coffee, sugar or alcohol, it would be a really good idea to take a B vitamin supplement.

Berthelsen B-Complex

B-Complex is a combination of all 8 B vitamins. It is a really good idea to take several B vitamins together, as the B vitamins depend on each other . That is why they are also often referred to as a complex, and that is why Berthelsen B-Complex consists precisely of all 8 B vitamins in a carefully coordinated ratio. The tablets are small and easy on the eyes and 1 can is enough for 4 months.

Coffee, sugar and alcohol destroy the intestinal flora

Several of the B vitamins are essential for the metabolism of both carbohydrates, fat and proteins, and are absorbed either in the small intestine or the stomach. If you therefore drink a lot of coffee, alcohol or eat a lot of sugar, the intestinal flora is easily destroyed, and the absorption of vitamin B is significantly reduced.

What functions do the B vitamins have?

The B vitamins in Berthelsen B-Complex contribute, among other things for normal functioning of:

  • Nervous system, heart function, psychological function, energy metabolism, mental performance
  • Hormone activity, immune system
  • Tissue growth in pregnant women plays a role in the cell division process
  • Formation of red blood cells, turnover of iron
  • Reduces fatigue and exhaustion
  • Maintenance of normal skin and hair, normal mucous membranes, turnover of macro-nutrients

Berthelsen B-Complex is therefore a good supplement for you who are looking for a complete supplement of B vitamins.

If you have an extra large need for B vitamins and you easily fall short, you can also try our Combi-B from Green Vitamins with depot effect.

Supplement Facts and Ingredients

Servings per Bottle: 120 tablets
Serving Size: 1 tablet

For adults and children over 11 years.

Content per daily dose RI%
Vitamin B1 2.2 mg 200%
Vitamin B2 2.8 mg 200%
Vitamin B3 (niacin) 30 mg 188%
Vitamin B5 6 mg 100%
Vitamin B6 2.6 mg 185%
Biotin (B8) 150 µg/mcg 300%
Folic acid (B9) 200 µg/mcg 100%
Vitamin B12 5 µg/mcg 200%

Bulking agents (maltodextrin), vitamin B3 (nicotinamide), vitamin B5 (calcium d-pantothenate), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B1 (thiamin mononitrate), vitamin B8 (biotin), vitamin B9 (folic acid) , vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), surface treatment agents (silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids (vege.)), coloring (riboflavin).

Store dry and not in direct sunlight. Store at room temperature and out of reach of children. The daily dose should not be exceeded. Nutritional supplements should not replace a varied diet. Net weight: 50 g.