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Vegetabilsk omega-3
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Almega-3® - algae omega-3 Maximize

Almega-3® - algae omega-3

NEW! ALMEGA-3® (Vegetabilsk Omega-3) is manufactured from marine algae. ALMEGA-3® is an ideal algae-based alternative to krill- and fish oil. The algae are grown in FDA approved facilities, guaranteeing both sustainability and quality. The algae oil used in ALMEGA-3® is of the highest quality and the oil has been refined with gentle enzymes, to avoid the  use of hexane. Further, the algae oil in ALMEGA-3® is 100% GMO-FREE. ALMEGA-3®  Algae oil contains the most effective and easily absorbable long chain fatty acids DHA and EPA in triglyceride form, which makes it the obvious source of these essential fatty acids.

NB: Both the capsule (made from seaweed) and the content are 100% vegan, and can be used by vegetarians, vegans and people with fish allergy.

When you select the algae-based ALMEGA-3®, you also make an enlightened choice not to support over-fishing of the seas. ALMEGA-3® is the futures answer to a sustainable and pure way to get omega-3, DHA and EPA.

Available in bottles of 180 capsules, enough for 3 months.

ALMEGA-3® is completely free of phytoestrogens!

Free samples are available - please send us an email at dfi@dkpharma.dk.

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Benefits from choosing algae based supplements:

  • Vegetable and vegan supplement – suited for vegans, vegetarians and people with fish and shellfish allergy
  • Avoid overfishing – the fish population is not harmed further by using algae
  • Sustainable production – the algae are cultivated in FDA-approved facilities, and their cultivation does not affect the fragile ecosystem of the seas
  • Avoid toxic pollutants – fish oil shall always go through at cleaning process to clean out most of the pollutants. Fish often contain toxic pollutants such as toxins and heavy metals, including but not limited to: lead, mercury, arsenic, PCB, dioxins, the toxic furan and radioactive substances. (IFOS, The International Fish Oil Standards™, Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. 120 Research Lane, Suite 203, University of Guelph Research Park, Guelp, ON, Canada. http://www.nutrasource.ca/ifos/)


The applied alga Schizochytrium sp. is by nature really rich in DHA and EPA. Algae-based omega-3 is developed based on the latest research in omega-3 fatty acids.

The omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, helps to maintain normal cardiac function. DHA helps to maintain normal brain function and vision. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily dose of at least 250 mg DHA and EPA. 2 capsules Vegetable Omega-3 algae oil contains 250 mg DHA and 125 mg EPA, total of all 375 mg per daily dose - a powerful combination in only 2 small capsules, which are easy to swallow!

Always remember to check the contents of the active essential fatty acids DHA and EPA when choosing a product. It is the amount of DHA and EPA which is important, not the total amount of oil.

Fish contains only omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA because they feed on algae containing DHA and EPA. Now you can select algae oil instead of krill- and fish oil, and get the direct source of DHA and EPA.

Both the capsule and the content are 100% vegan, and can be used by vegetarians, vegans and people with fish allergy. May be stored in a cool place.

Recommended daily dose: 2 capsules.

Content: 180 capsules


Amount per daily dose (2 capsules):

% of RDI

 Algae Omega-3 Oil

834 mg

Not determined





250 mg

Not determined


125 mg

Not determined

Oil rich in DHA & EPA from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp., Sunflower oil, antioxidants (mixed tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate, rosemary extract), sunflower lecithin, sodium carbonate, corn starch, caregeenan (vegetarian capsule material), glycerol.

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