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Vitamin E Extra Vegan is now updated and vegan, and still with 200 mg mixed tocopherols, corresponding to 56 mg alpha-tocopherol equivalents per capsule.

What is Vitamin E?
Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that consists of tocopherols. Vitamin E consists of 8 different compounds, divided into 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols. They are each divided into alpha, beta, gamma and delta. All the forms exist in their natural form "d-" and the synthetic form "dl-".

In Berthelsen's E-vitamin Extra Vegan, only the natural tocopherols are used, and the supplements contain all 4 tocopherols, so you get a broad-spectrum vitamin E supplement.

Normally, the amount of vitamin E is given in alpha-tocopherol equivalents, since d-alpha-tocopherol is the tocopherol that the body stores most of, and which is therefore used as a reference.

What is the function of vitamin E?
Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects cells from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an expression that especially the unsaturated fatty acids in the blood react with the oxygen molecules, and the fatty acids thus go rancid. However, oxidative stress can also damage DNA, proteins and oxidize metals, as well as disrupt cellular signaling.

Vitamin E contributes to:

  • to protect cells from oxidative stress

What is oxidative stress?
Oxidative stress can be said to be a disturbance in the balance between free radicals and antioxidants. The free radicals are atoms or molecules that lack an electron and are thus very reactive. They therefore steal an electron from another atom or molecule, which now becomes a free radical.

Antioxidants, such as Vitamin E weakens oxidation by donating an electron to the free radical, thereby stopping the harmful chain reaction. The antioxidants are indeed stable, even after the release of an electron to the free radical, which stops the oxidation.

    Supplement Facts and Ingredients

    Servings per Bottle: 75 capsules
    Serving Size: 1 capsule daily

    For adults and children over 11 years.

    Content per daily dose (1 capsule) RI%
    Vitamin E 56 mg of α-TE 466%
    of which:
    mixed tocopherols 200 mg
    d-gamma-tocopherol 100 mg
    d-delta-tocopherol 60 mg
    d-alpha-tocopherol 20 mg
    d-beta-tocopherol 10 mg

    Vitamin E (tocopherol-rich extract of d-alpha-tocopherol, d-beta-tocopherol, d-delta-tocopherol, d-gamma-tocopherol), wheat germ oil, capsule material (carrageenan (seaweed), corn starch, glycerin).

    Store dry and not in direct sunlight. Store at room temperature and out of reach of children. The daily dose should not be exceeded. Nutritional supplements should not replace a varied diet. Net weight: 55 g.